Run Outs

"A cricketer never dies, she/he always runs out."

Siva Nadarajah

1st June 1951 (*) - 13th May 2013 (†)
Sivabala Nadarajah

Siva was not only founder and chairman of Concordia CC (thereafter: ACCW), he was godfather and pioneer of cricket in Austria. Moreover, Siva in co-operation with Brian Fell (Germany), Simon Hewitt (France) and Simone Gambino (Italy) were the driving force for building up and development of cricket in (Middle) Europe.


Besides his passion to sports, Siva was a family man. When his daughters Dominique and Fabienne were younger, he and his wife Helga supported them by their training camps and swimcompetitions in Austria and over the whole world. Siva was very proud on his daughters which has represented as competitve athletes and shining examples for Austrian children and youth.


But Siva was also spending a lots of time with his sports familily. He was always open for everyone and had always time for talks. For one of our key member, Siva was his "Murshad".


See also how our touch rugby friends have said good bye to Siva (

"Born to give.
Died to live in you."

Brett Barclay

7th December 1975 (*) - 1st June 2012 (†)

Great sportsman both in cricket and touch rugby. Brett was the first to score 100 runs in Austrian Cricket T20. Moreover, he has build up and implemented touch rugby as a section in our club. Brett lost his fight to cancer. He leaves his wife Judith, his daughter Lucy and his mother Robyn.

"A man must live like a big blaze and shine as brightly as he can. At the end he burns out.

But that's better than a poor little flame to be."

Michael "Mike" Kornhoffer

9th May 1966 (*) - 31st Oct 2010 (†)

Mike was not only a player and co-founder of the Concordia Cricket Club (then Austria Cricket Club Vienna), but also an important pillar of the Scout community. He was a warm-hearted and always smiling guy. Mike loved his family. Unfortunately, he lost his fight to cancer.


Mike liked Australia, especially he was enchanted by Ayers Rock.

Michael Weber

3rd April 1980 (*) - 6th March 2004 (†)

He was a child from Floridsdorf. Michi was a fun guy, but always honest and straightforward in his way.


Michi was very talented and presented a promising youngster for the Austrian national team. His strength was in his bowling.


He died as a result of a tragic traffic accident.

Thank you, mates!